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There are a lot of jokes that surround Idaho and the people who live there. One of the more popular jokes is that Idaho is actually a mythical place because it is rare that you ever meet anybody who is from that state. The truth is, however, that Idaho is a bustling state with a lot to see and do!
Idaho is known country-wide as a very conservative state. In the southern part of the state there is a large Mormon population that causes many residents to joke about southern Idaho really being Northern Utah. To be sure, the college in Rexburg is where many Mormon students go when they aren't sure they are quite ready for a four year school and BYU in Salt Lake City.
The northern part of the state, however, is infamous for its white supremacist population. This population is a little less public about its actions than the southern Idaho Mormon groups. The Neo-Nazis and white supremacists prefer to keep their individual identities hidden. You won't drive through town and find a local meeting hall for them. Instead, you are more likely to receive literature from one of these groups in the mail or find an independently published and printed newspaper sitting next to the town's non-partisan paper in the news racks at the grocery store. Most Idaho citizens take a "look the other way" approach to these matters because, like all Americans, they believe in "even though I do not agree with your opinion, I'll defend to the death your right to have it."
The Native American population is also very active all over the state. Idaho is home to several festivals for Native American tribes and the communities that surround them are very supportive of these festivals and their residents.
In spite of a couple of large extreme populations (both religious and not) Idaho can be quite a nice place to live and work. The state is far enough inland that there are four definite seasons, and none of them are very extreme. There is some snow in the northern parts of the state, particularly at higher elevations, but for the most part, Idaho is very livable!
One of the things that most Idaho residents love is the easy access to the outdoors. Unlike other states in the Western US, Idaho citizens have no interest in building large metropolitan areas. The people here like to keep their lot sizes big and open and shop locally whenever possible. Idaho has fishing, hiking, horseback riding and a very active Fish and Wildlife Department. The southern part of Idaho has more of a desert feel, but there are still plenty of things to do!
When it comes to the physical environment, many people joke that the state often feels like driving through a person with split personalities. Up north are the beautiful mountains and lakes of Coeur d'Alene and down south is the dryness of Boise. No matter what your personal preferences might be for environment, you will find them somewhere in Idaho!
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